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Research and referencing: Step 2: Finding Sources

How do I plan my research? What strategies do I use to locate sources? How do I identify an appropriate source? How do I ethically use information?

Finding Source basics

Ethical Use of Information


The definition of copyright is the set of permissions that tell us how certain creative works (literary works, artistic works, musical works, computer programs, sound recordings, films and broadcasts) can be used, so that others do not copy creative works without permission.

At its most basic, copyright is simply the exclusive right to copy.

Click on the links below to access specific information about copyright in Australia.


Plagiarism occurs where a student uses someone else’s ideas or words in their work and pretends they are their own. If the student has used a lot of someone else’s words without that person’s permission, copyright infringement may also occur. Students can check that their work is their own, and not breaching copyright, and so avoiding plagiarism, by running their work through the Turn It In site which can be automatically applied to VC assignments.