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Biology Depth Study: Finding Sources


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Selecting your keywords

What keywords do you want to search?

Not all authors use the same terms when they write; one author can refer to a concept by one word, whilst another uses another word. For example, an article may use the phrase "climate change" while another has "global warming" instead.

To ensure you don't miss sources that use different terminology, think about synonymsrelated terms and key concepts that link to your keywords. 

Different combinations of words will get you different results, so try a variety of searches.

Your search relies on the level of detail that databases provide in a record, and sometimes very minimal detail is given. Also, the library might simply not have resources that are that specific in nature.

For example, there might not be a book just on fast food advertising in 1951, but there might be a book on advertising in the 1950s that could be useful.

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