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About Us

General FAQs

Where can I print in the library? 

There are 2 printers/photocopiers available for student use in the library: in the Studio (Level 1) and in CL2C (Level 2).

There is also a printer downstairs in the IT Hub. 

If you see a red Error light on the printer, please inform library staff. 


Can I borrow a stapler/pen/sticky tape etc.?

The library has some stationery supplies. Please ask at the circulation desk. Some items are to be used at the circulation desk only, because they are in high-demand and/or low in number.

Borrowing FAQ

How can I check what I have borrowed and when it is due? 

You can check your current loans and their due date by logging into your library account. Click on your name to open the drop-down menu and select Your account. Your current loans are listed on your Your summary page.

A loan reminder email is also automatically sent to your email a few days before your book is due.

I haven't finished reading my book/s yet. Can I borrow the book/s for longer?

Yes, you may renew your library books online by logging into your library account. Click on your name to open the drop-down menu and select Your account.

You can renew your book by:

  • Click on Renew to renew your loan, or
  • Selecting the checkboxes of the books you want to renew, then selecting Renew selected at the top or bottom of your loan list, or
  • Select Renew all

It is important to check that your renewal was successfulIf your renewal was accepted, then a new due date and message "Renewed!" will appear next to your loan. 

I want to renew my book but it doesn't let me. 

If your book/s are already overdue or have reached the maximum number of renewals, you will not be able to renew the book/s online. Please speak to library staff.

If someone has reserved the book, you will not be able to renew your loan. Please return your book as soon as possible. 

I borrowed a book once that I really liked, but now I can't remember what it is called. How do I find it?

You can check your loan history by logging into your library account. Click on your name to open the drop-down menu and select Your account. Click on the Your circulation history tab to see a list of all your loans. 

Reservations FAQ

How do I make a reservation?

How can I check what books I have reserved?

You can check your reservations online by logging into your library account. Click on your name to open the drop-down menu and select Your account.

Select the Reserves tab to see all your reservations.

Reservations that are ready to borrow from the library circulation desk will have the status Item waiting at Conde Library. If you do not borrow the book by the pickup date, it will be returned to the shelves or be placed on hold for the next person who reserved the book.

Reservations that are not available yet will have the status Pending.

I'm not able to place a reservation. Why not?

If you get the message "There are no items that can be placed on reserve" when trying to place a reserve, there are a few possible reasons:

  • Certain items cannot be reserved (e.g. Equipment)
  • You have reached the maximum reservation limit

The "Place reserve" ribbon will not be displayed for any 'Lost' availability items (e.g. Long Overdue, Missing, Reported Lost)

In either situations, speak to library staff to place a reserve. 

Research and Study FAQ

I am having trouble with the bibliography for my assignment.

If you need some quick help with referencing sources or Zotero, speak to staff at the library circulation desk. We may be able to assist you immediately. If not, please book 30-minute meeting with a Teacher Librarian.


I am trying to find sources for my assignment

A LibGuide may have been prepared for your class. Please have a look at that first.

Need further research help? Book 30-minute research meeting with a Teacher Librarian to have your scholarly questions answered. Please briefly describe your specific research topic and where you have already looked for information (e.g. specific databases, library collection, Google scholar etc.) if possible. This will help our Teacher Librarians determine how best to assist you!


Where can I find study guides? 

The library has a number of study guides and resources, including:

  • Cambridge Checkpoints (HSC exam questions and answers)
  • Excel Success One (HSC exam questions and answers)
  • Excel study guides (topic summaries, HSC-type exam questions, and sample exam papers)
  • ATAR Notes (summarised study notes and topic tests)

Library collection FAQs

Where can I find book suggestions?

Genre brochures and book lists: If you are in the library, you can pick up a genre brochure from the circulation desk. We also have a wider range of assorted book lists located on our online Book Lists page.

Reading resources: Why not try some of the sites and podcasts listed on our Reading Resources page? 

Ask!: Ask the friendly staff at the library circulation desk and we will try to find a few books for you. 


Where can I find new books?

There are several places to find new books that the library has acquired.

Display gondola: New books are regularly put on the display stands throughout the library. 

New Books digital bookshelf (library homepage): Check out the New Books bookshelf on the library homepage. This bookshelf displays 25 randomly selected covers of the library's newly acquired books. Click on the book cover to be taken to the book's record on the library catalogue (note: if you have an ad-blocker extension on your browser, you may need to disable it).

New Books digital bookshelf (library catalogue): This bookshelf on the front page of the library catalogue displays all of the library's new books acquired in the past 2 months. 

Well Read magazine: At the end of every term, the library publishes an up-to-date magazine with information on our new purchases.


Where can I read books online?

The library has a number of subscriptions to online book collections. The Wheelers ePlatform is our most popular eBook collection but make check out our eLibrary page for other sites to check out. 


How can I recommend a book for the library to buy?

Submit a purchase request form or simply ask at the front desk. Your request will be assessed by library staff and you will be notified if your request is not purchased.


I am looking for a non-fiction book. How do I find it on the shelves?

At Conde Library, we use the Dewey Decimal System to organise and classify our collection.

The ten main areas are as follows: